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A retrofit kit for a 2 x 2 Fluorescent troffer fixture

A retrofit kit for a 2 x 2 Fluorescent troffer fixture

A retrofit kit for a 2 x 2 Fluorescent troffer fixture
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A very quick way to uppgrade your LED Fluorescent fixtures to an attractive Center basket LED fixture.

DLC approved 2 x 2 Center basket retrofit for a Troffer, or recessed lighting fixtures/LED troffer fixture widely used in Offices, Hospitals, and other business areas.

The 2 x 2 retrofit LED Troffer is available in 36 Watts.

The LED Troffer produces 105 lumen/Watt achieved by utilizing ultra-bright SMD LEDs in tandem with Japanese-design reflective materials.
Calculated L70 lifetime is 50,000 hours, or 11 plus years at 12 hours/day.

These LED recessed lighting fixture retrofits make the job quick and easy. It takes under 10 miniutes to retrofit a fixture.
A HUGE bonus is that all the dirt on top of the Fluorescent fixture does not have to be disturbed, which would result on everything below needing to be covered, or having to dispose of a perfectly good fixture shell.

Click HERE for a short Video to see how easily the fixture can actually be retrofitted!

LED retrofit kit Spec sheet

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