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2. DZ75 80W 9000 Lumen LED Garage Lights Retrofit kit for 250 - 320W HID

2. DZ75 80W 9000 Lumen LED Garage Lights Retrofit kit for 250 - 320W HID

2. DZ75 80W 9000 Lumen LED Garage Lights Retrofit kit for 250 - 320W HID
Very White light, 5500KUsing 48W, just imagine what 75W would look like!
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American made DZ75 , 75W A.C. & 80W D.C., 9000 Lumen LED Parking Garage Lighting retrofit kit for 250W - 320W HID's up to 35 feet high!

These LED Garage Lights retrofits are also available for:
100W - 175W HID, the DZ3X LED Garage Lights Retrofit Kit
400W HID, the DZ130 LED Garage Lights Retrofit kit

For more information or a higher quantity quote for your Parking Garage Lighting,  please contact us.


Universal plate for shoe box and other fixtures, 10"W x 14"L
"L Tabs" allow for another 6" adjustment of lenght and width

These LED Garage Lights retrofit kits are Design Light Consortium (DLC) approved.

Installation is simple.  In cases involving our DZ75 Garage Lighting LED retrofit kits to replace a 250W - 320W HID, many fixtures use our Flex mount System, if that is not possible a universal plate will fit the fixture.

Garage Lighting LED Retrofit Features Garage Lighting LED Retrofit Benefits
High Lumen output, 120 Lumen/Watt  Replace from 250W - 320W
 LED Retrofit  No need to replace Fixtures
 Many installation options available  We can retrofit almost any Fixture
 Very Low Wattage, 75W A.C./80W D.C.  70+% Energy Savings
 Available for indoor or outdoor usage  Great for hard to reach Areas
 Extremely low Heat output  Reduces fixture heat & AC load
 Two different lensing options are available  Put the Light exactly where you need it
 Lasts up to 100,000 Hours, 11 plus years if on 24/7  Eliminate maintenance for up to 20 years
 LED engine 10 Year Warranty, LED driver 5 year  Peace of mind


We are confident that you will be highly impressed with these LED Garage Lights Retrofit kits.
If within 30 days You Are Not Satisfied, Return It For A Complete Refund... including return Shipping.

Two units maximum.

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