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LED Parking Lot Lighting Fixture, FL22, DZ260, 750 -1,000 Watt HID Equivalent

LED Parking Lot Lighting Fixture, FL22, DZ260, 750 -1,000 Watt HID Equivalent


FL-22 with a DZ360 kit.
FL22 with a *DZ360 kit installed
                         DZ260 Light Engine.                          DZ370 Light Engine
*The DZ360 has been replaced with the DZ370.

This DZ260 (286W) LED Parking Lot Lights fixture will replace a 750W - 1,000W HID fixure at heights up to 35 feet, especially on multi head poles.

Parking lot using DZ370,                      Parking lot replacing 1,000W HID
went with the DZ260 instead                using the older style DZ260's that
                                                                 were 15% less bright than today's DZ260's

The DZ370 (412W) LED Parking Lot Lighting fixture will easily replace to a 1,000W HID at heights over 35 feet and also where a tremendous amout of light is wanted, Car lots, Arenas etc.
Lensing is often needed for heights over 35 feet, please contact us for options!

          Car lot using DZ370                                     Hockey Arena, DZ370

A typical Parking Lot Lights fixture using 750W  - 1,000W Metal Halide bulb

The DZ260 (286W) LED Parking Lot Lights engine equals a 750W - 1,000W HID

The DZ370 (413W) LED Parking Lot Lights engine equals a 1,000W HID

DZ260 kit used for 750W - 1,000W replacement        Back of DZ260 kit

DZ370 kit used for 1,000W replacement

FL22 Options:
100 - 277V or
347 - 480V

FL22 White Light color
4000K (special order)
5000K standard

Lensing for heights over 35 feet
Contact us, Type III, Type V, Isle 31 Degree, 56 Degree

FL22 Mounting

6 inch
10 inch

Slip fitter

BENEFITS from the FL22 LED Parking Lot Lighting fixture:
  • Reduce Energy Consumption and Operating costs by up to 70%.
  • Never replace another Ballast
  • Maintenance free operation – Eliminate Maintenance for 20 plus years, 12/7.
  • Extremely Bright White Light 4000K, 5000K, No UV or IR.
  • Puts the Light where you want it and eliminates "Light Pollution"
  • Environmentally friendly – fully Recyclable, no Mercury or other hazardous Materials.

  • The FL22 LED Parking Lot lighting fixture replaces a 750 - 1,000W HID Bulb* using only 286W or 412W
* Wattage replacement depending one which LED Light engine is used

Spec sheet for FL22 and other LED Parking Lot Lighting fixtures

If you are looking to retrofit you existing fixtures, 750W - 1,000W, please see the following Spec sheet

Spec sheet for DZ260 LED Parking Lot Lights retrofit kits

Spec sheet for DZ370 LED Parking Lot Lights retrofit kits

Please Contact Us for further product information and quantity pricing.

We are confident that you will be highly impressed with these LED Parking Lot Lighting fixtures.
If within 30 days You Are Not Satisfied, Return It For A Complete Refund... including return Shipping.

Two units maximum.

* Purchase One Of Our LED Lights through PayPal or with a Credit Card.

If you would like to pay with a Credit card, please let us know and we will send you a private link to pay. You would be the only one that enters and sees your Credit card information.
We feel this is the safest way to have our customers pay with Credit Cards

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