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Financing Your LED Purchase through LED Lighting financing using Energy Loans or Leasing

Often our customers agree that an LED solutions retrofit is a wise financial expense for their company and they want to explore methods of offsetting the upfront cost of the purchase.


One method is with LED lighting financing rebates or tax incentives, yet another way is by spreading the purchase cost over some portion of the product's usable life using an LED lighting financing energy loan.

For example, a lighting improvement with a 3 year payback can be financed with a 48 - 60 month term energy loan, this provides a positive cash flow because the reduction in your lighting costs is greater than your monthly payment for the energy loan. An LED retrofit is now more compelling than ever, and this is all because a new technology is available that simply out performs traditional light sources.


Another LED lighting financing solution is leasing the LED lighting product, this is another excellent option. With a lease the LED lighting products are not considered to be owned by the Company and all leasing costs are Tax deductible. This is a win win situation since the monthly lease cost is less than what the current Energy costs are and when Tax deductions are added, the savings are even greater. The lease option also saves a company from having to spend large amounts of money up front and then have to pay Taxes on the LED products that they now own. At the end of the lease the LED lighting products can be bought for a very small dollar amount which again helps lower the tax burden!

Further, it does not use up a huge amount of the Maintenance/Engineering Departments annual budget, and since the lease amount is less than the Company is paying for electricity, it might not even effect their yearly budget at all!

Often, the available energy rebates can serve as the required 10% down payment!

LED solutions Leasing is available from $20,000 and up.

There are many State, private Energy loan and leasing LED lighting financing  programs available. Please contact us for more information.

Applying is easy and we welcome an opportunity to discuss the details. The minimum amount to finance is $15,000.  A typical finance will provide 100% of the LED purchase price plus the origination fee; applying usually requires the following:

  1. Credit application- with credit authorization release signed by company principals.
  2. Signed proposal and commitment fee
  3. Summary page from business checking account for last three months.
  4. A short discussion of your business, such as your time in business, number of employees and annual revenue, etc.


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