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LED Tubes & LED Troffers



DLC LED Cooler or Freezer light T12 LED replacement fixtures are also an inexpensive way to get long lasing, money saving LED lighting.

These 5 foot, or 6 foot, 65,000 hour long life 25W - 30W, T12 LED retrofit fixtures intall easily.

DLC T12 LED retrofit Cooler/Freezer fixture Spec sheet

LED Tubes, non dimmable

Why a retrofit from T12 Fluorescent to LED T8?
LED tubes save you from the T12 to T8 problems, no need to by a new LED Troffer either. It solves the maintenance, recycling, ballast and UV problems too.
Imagine the dust and dirt that has accumulated on top of your troffer fixtures, this will make a huge mess if you try to replace them.

These 4 foot DLC premium LED Tube Lights have a Poly Carbonate Lens, eliminating the need for Plastic Tube Guards that are required in certain areas.

Two 18 Watt LED retrofit tubes (T8) easily replace three, or four 40 Watt T-12 or 32W T-8 Fluorescent tubes.
These Premier DLC T8 LED replacement Tubes for T12, T8 conversion can reduce Electricity costs by 50% or more.
10 plus years of Maintenance free operation, if on 12/7 .

If retrofitting T8 Fluorescent to LED tubes, these LED replacement tubes are either Plug & Play, or they can be re-wired to eliminate the Ballast,
T-12's need to be rewired.

Also available in 2 foot, 6 foot and 8 foot Lengths.
Please contact us if you need these other length LED tubes.

If you have 8 foot Fluorescent tubes we recommend using our 4 foot LED tube adapter kit. 
This kit allows you to use two 4 foot T12 LED replacement LED tubes instead of an 8 foot LED tube.
There are two different types available:
1. A kit for one 8 foot Fluoresent tube, the fixture now accepts 2 four (4) foot LED tubes.
2. A kit for two 8 foot Fluoresent tubes, the fixture now accepts 4 four (4) foot LED tubes.

2 T12 LED retrofit 8 foot to LED retrofit tube kit     One 8 foot to 2 four foot LED tube kit
New Tomb Stone end connectors are also included to install the T8 LED tubes

Please contact us if you are interested in these T12 LED retrofit kits!

8 foot LED tubes are not DLC, no Energy rebates apply to them, 4 foot T8 LED tubes are DLC!
Much less expensive to ship 4 foot LED tubes.

LED Troffer kits, Troffer / Ceiling fixtures, dimmable:

Dimmable LED Troffer kits, LED tube for T12 LED, or T8 replacement Bulbs, eliminate Buzzing, Flickering, UV and having to Recycle Fluorescent Tubes.

Click HERE for a short Video to show how easy it is to install an LED troffer retrofit kit.

RETROFIT KIT for 2' x 2' & 2' x 4' Flourescent Troffer

With 50% or more Energy Savings these super bright Dimmable LED Troffer or T12 LED replacement kits pay for themselves usually in less than one Year, if on 12/7!
These Industrial grade LED products are designed to stay on 24/7, not 3 - 8 hours/day, like some LED products.

Recessed Center Basket LED Troffer Spec sheets   

2' x 2' & 2' x 4' Center Basket Troffer
2' x 2' & 2' x 4' Double basket Troffer

Flat Panel LED Lighting Fixtures Spec sheets

2' x 2' LED Lighting Fixtures Drop in Flat Panel
2' x 4' LED Lighting Fixtures Drop in Flat Panel

Flat Panel installation instructions

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Corridor using 16W LED tubes     Warehuse isle using 16W LED tubes, 6/fixture     

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