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An Online LED Store offering commercial grade dimmable LED bulbs;
Our online LED store offers LED Candelabra Bulbs and 3 variations of PAR lamps for LED can lights and other applications. 

These dimmable LED Bulbs that this online LED store offers are excellent for LED Can lights and other Retrofit Applications.

These dimmable LED bulbs, LED Candelabra bulbs and Par lamps, are designed for 24/7 use.

It is much less expensive to use these dimmable LED bulbs for an LED Retrofit than buying a new LED fixture.

 Dimmable LED bulbs Features  Dimmable LED bulbs Benefits
 Extremely high Lumen output  Replaces up to a 150W Standard bulb
 Available in several different Bases  No need to replace your existing Fixture
 Extremely low Heat output  LED's last up to 20 times longer
 Low Wattage  Up to 90% Energy Savings
 Available for outside usage  Great for hard to reach Areas
 Several colors of White Light  Get the perfect light for different Applications  
 Different Viewing Angles  Put the Light exactly where you need it
 LED Retrofit  No need to replace Fixtures
 2 to 5 Year Warranty  Peace of mind

These dimmable LED bulbs work with virtually any Incandescent dimmer, no need to buy expensive LED dimmers.



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We feel this is the safest way to have our customers pay with Credit Cards!

Volume discounts available!

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