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LED Lighting seems expensive, why should I buy LED Lighting?
 LED Lighting offers a Return on Investment (ROI) from 3 months to 2 years. They burn for 7 - 15 + Years (24/7).
They literally pay for themselves year after year after year in Energy Savings and the Maintenance costs of replacing Fluorescent or Incandescent Lighting.
They are also available and recommended in LED Retrofit/Conversion Kits that allow you to use your current Fixtures.

I heard that LED Lighting is not very bright. Is that true?
Quality LED Lighting from a reputable Manufacturer should burn equal or brighter than Fluorescent or Incandescent Lighting using a fraction of the Energy.

Can I get LED Lighting in different colors?
We offer several different white light colors, from
Incandescent "Yellowish" very warm white, 2700 - 3000K to,
white light as in Offices and Hospitals etc. 4000K, and
outdoor white light color, 5000 - 5700K, or High noon sun white light.
Please do not use above 5700K, it is that aweful blueish white light!!!!

Do LED Lights break easily like my regular Light Bulbs do?
LED Lights are made of Epoxy, not Glass, making them very durable and much safer to handle. LEd tubes have a plasic cover making them great to use in Food areas.

What kind of lead time can I expect?
It depends on the Product you order.
Some Products are stocked and ship with 48 Hours, others have to be made and have a lead time of 2 - 8+ weeks.
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