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LED Candelabra Bulb, dimmable, 3 Watt, E12 Base

LED Candelabra Bulb, dimmable, 3 Watt, E12 Base

LED Candelabra Bulb, dimmable, 3 Watt, E12 Base
LED E12 Base Candelabra Round Tip BulbLED E12 Base Bulbs, 3 different Types
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Commercial Grade E 12 base Dimmable LED Candelabra bulbs that actually looks like a standard Incandescent Bulb,
30,000 hour 3 Watt, these E12 base Dimmable LED Candelabra bulbs payback is 4 months when on 10 hours per day.

Most Dimmable LED Chandelier bulbs do not look very good, definitely not like a Incandescent Candelabra bulb, are not very bright and are usually rated at 20,000 hours or less.

However,  these E12 Base LED Chandelier bulbs will make you think that they actually are Incandescent and will last 20 times longer than a standard Incandescent E-12 Candelabra bulb rated at 1,500 hours.

White light color is 2700K, very close to an incandescent bulbs light color and at 200 - 220 Lumen (equal up to a 45W Incandescent Candelabra bulb).

They are excellent when used in hard to reach fixtures such as Chandeliers that are at any extended heights. Imagine not having to replace these dimmable LED bulbs for up to 20 years (if used 4 hours/day)!

These Dimmable LED Candelabra bulbs carry a 2 year Warranty

When it comes to price, a quality LED E12 Chandelier bulb costs any where from $15 to $22 each in 200 - 220 Lumen output, and are usually only available with an opaque lens, not clear.

When you compare the look, quality, longevity and power savings to this Dimmable LED Chandelier bulb, you will quickly understand the value of this Dimmable LED Candelabra bulb.

We only offfer the W-33 Dimmable LED bulb in Flame tip, E12 base.

We only stock the Candelabra base (E-12) at this time.

We can also offer different bases and other styles of these types of bulb, but they would be Special order. Please E-mail us if you need another type and we will quote you.

We are phasing out this type, only 6pcs left in stock!

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