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Welcome to Lighting Atlanta, a source for LED retrofit lighting  & HID to LED retrofit Lamps.

Lighting Atlanta lighting stores have partnered with multiple retrofit Lighting LED Manufacturers to offer the highest quality LED retrofit Lamps, from a 100W - 1,500W HID retrofit lighting to Exit sign LED retrofit lamps at very competitive pricing. With superior attention to design detail and high quality components, Lighting Atlanta lighting stores are able to offer the longest warranties available in the industry. 

Our lighting stores provide free consultations, cost analysis, quotations and photometrics, if needed.

Specializing in HID retrofit with LED retrofit lamps, Lighting Atlanta is able to upgrade your existing light source without replacing existing fixtures.

Available Financing and Leasing options: Let Lighting Atlanta show you how these LED retrofit lighting lamps can be purchased for less than you are paying now for Electricity & maintenance.

Power Company rebates and Federal and State tax incentives are available in most States for energy saving LED retrofit lighting products.


Browse Our Products

Browse Our Products

HID LED LIGHTING LED RETROFIT KITSHID LED LIGHTING LED RETROFIT KITSDLC approved LED commercial lighting retrofits for HID lighting lowers energy usage by up to 75%. LED STREET LAMP & LED PARKING LOT LIGHTS RETROFITLED STREET LAMP & LED PARKING LOT LIGHTS RETROFITLED Street Lamp & LED Parking Lot Lights Retrofit kits for Metal Halide and other HID Lamps.
Eliminates Ballast replacement for up to 20 years!
LED HIGH BAY/LED LOW BAY LIGHTING SOLUTIONSLED HIGH BAY/LED LOW BAY LIGHTING SOLUTIONSAmerican LED High Bay & LED Low Bay retrofit kits and new fixtures for HID & Fluorescent lighting.
DLC PARKING GARAGE LED LIGHTING RETROFITS, LED TUBES &  LED FIXTURESDLC PARKING GARAGE LED LIGHTING RETROFITS, LED TUBES & LED FIXTURESAmerican  DLC Parking Garage LED Lighting retrofits will fit 95% of all Parking Garage lighting fixtures & Parking Garage lights. High quality/low cost DLC approved LED tubes and DLC approved LED Parking Garage Lighting fixtures LED Troffer & LED TubesLED Troffer & LED TubesDLC approved LED Light fixtures & LED tubes, 2 foot - 8 foot LED WALL PACK LIGHTING & LED FLOOD LIGHTS, NEW AND RETROFITSLED WALL PACK LIGHTING & LED FLOOD LIGHTS, NEW AND RETROFITSIdeal LED Wall pack lighting retrofits,  LED Flood light retrofits, or new fixtures.
LED BULBSLED BULBSOnline LED store selling Dimmable LED Bulbs, PAR Lamp for LED Can lights etc. & LED Candelabra Bulbs. LED Exit Sign retrofit KitLED Exit Sign retrofit KitRed LED 120V Exit Sign Retrofit kit. EcoEnergy Induction Lighting Retrofit KitsEcoEnergy Induction Lighting Retrofit Kits40W - 200W Induction lighting Retrofit kits for 100W - 400W Metal Halide and other HID Lamps.



LED Retrofit lamps & HID retrofit lighting Kits from Lighting Atlanta lighting stores not only save you money by not buying new Fixtures, it also supports our Environment by eliminating the disposal of used Fixtures in our Landfills.

 LED retrofit Lighting, Features  LED retrofit Lighting, Benefits
 Very Low Wattage  Up to 70% Energy Savings, pay for themselves
 Extremely low Heat output  LED's last up to 20 times longer,saves on AC Load
 LED Retrofit lamps  No need to replace existing Fixtures
 Available for outside usage  Great for hard to reach Areas
 Several colors of White Light  Get the perfect light for different Applications
 Several different Viewing Angles  Put the Light exactly where you need it
 Energy Savings  ROI ranges from 3 months to two years
 3 to 10 Year  Warranty  Peace of mind

Lighting Atlanta lighting stores are dedicated to providing the best LED retrofit Lamps and Customer Service available.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, LED retrofit Lighting requirements or need our assistance in any way.

We look forward to serving you!

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